IN THE SAND BOX - So easy to use, even the toddlers can handle it.

IN BEAUTY AND BARBER SHOPS - Works better than the old horse hair neck dusters.

ON THE JOB - Removes dust and debris from workers face, arms. Etc.

IN THE OFFICE - Great for removing dust from keyboards, monitors, etc.

AROUND THE HOUSE - Keep one at the door for kids (big and small) with grass, sand, dust on themselves.

IN THE CAR - Removes dust from dashboards, instrument clusters, etc.

The Sanz-Off® is the first exclusively designed beach brush (since 1993) that has been patented and trademarked. This product was developed to help remove sand prior the application of sun-care products, before dressing to leave the beach, before getting into your vehicle, or anytime you want to clean sand off yourself. No need to brush yourself off with an already sandy towel or cloth. Sanz-Off® is outstanding for anyone with small children. Its soft bristles work well for removing sand from those delicate sun burn areas around face, ears and neck.

Sanz-Off® also incorporates a protective cover when not in use. The cover also allows the brush to be adjusted for firmness (sliding up and down) to remove damp or tacky sand..

A convenient storage compartment in the handle provides a safe place to keep money, jewelry, keys, lip balms, etc. Also a handy carrying string, great for strolling to beach shops and hanging on your beach chair. Several dynamic colors makes Sanz-Off® an attractive beach accessory.

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